Find Top 5 Best Sustainable Knitwear Manufacturers In Bangladesh

The fashion industry increasingly adopts sustainable manufacturing methods to minimize its environmental impact. However, finding sustainable knitwear manufacturers can be quite challenging. This shift is particularly evident in knitwear, where manufacturers embrace eco-friendly materials and processes to create clothing that is not only fashionable but also eco-conscious. Bangladesh is leading the way in this movement, a country renowned for its textile production.

In this post, I will explore the top five sustainable knitwear manufacturers in Bangladesh, shedding light on their practices and products and highlighting how they are driving positive change in the industry.

sustainable knitwear manufacturers

Find Top 5 Best Sustainable Knitwear Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Here are the details of the top five sustainable knitwear manufacturers in Bangladesh.

#1. Apex Spinning and Knitting Mills Limited (ASKML):

Apex Spinning and Knitting Mills Limited (ASKML) is a leading sustainable knitwear manufacturer specializing in producing high-quality knit garments for infants, children, and women. The company is fully equipped with in-house facilities for dyeing, knitting, embroidery, and printing, which enables them to produce a wide range of solid-dyed, yarn-dyed, and all-over printed fabrics using various compositions ranging from 100% cotton to nylon microfiber.

ASKML is committed to sustainability and takes pride in being a gold-certified member of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, which is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. ASKML has implemented various eco-friendly practices to reduce its carbon footprint, such as installing solar panels, using natural lighting and ventilation, and recycling water. In addition, their fabrics are produced in-house, which minimizes transportation and reduces their carbon footprint.

ASKML’s sustainability practices extend beyond their manufacturing process as they also ensure that their suppliers adhere to the same standards of ethics and sustainability. They have implemented stringent policies to ensure fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and no child labor. All of their suppliers must comply with these policies, ensuring that their products are ethically produced.

Customers can rest assured that the products they purchase from ASKML are stylish and sustainable. ASKML is renowned for producing fully customizable and value-added items for its clients, which include well-known brands such as H&M, Walmart, George, Lindex, and Arket.

Contact: +88-02-9883358; +880 9606669988



Factory Location: Chandora, Kaliakoir, Gazipur, Bangladesh

#2. Arrival Fashion Ltd.

Arrival Fashion Ltd. is another top sustainable knitwear manufacturer that has been in operation since 1998. The company began its journey with only two production lines and a monthly capacity of 50K pairs. In 2006, Arrival Fashion moved to a new production unit with a higher production capacity of 350K pairs per month. This move allowed the company to expand its operations while maintaining its commitment to quality assurance.

One key feature that sets Arrival Fashion apart from its competitors is its emphasis on sustainability. The company recognizes the importance of reducing its carbon footprint and is committed to implementing eco-friendly practices throughout its production process. 

Arrival Fashion achieves this by sourcing fabrics from sustainable sources and utilizing energy-efficient production methods. Additionally, the company has implemented a waste reduction program that focuses on recycling and reusing waste materials to minimize their environmental impact.

In terms of quality assurance, Arrival Fashion has an independent quality team comprising 112 members that oversee the production process. Products go through 11 checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that they meet international quality standards. As a fully compliant factory, Arrival Fashion also strictly adheres to labor laws and regulations to ensure the well-being of its workers.

Arrival Fashion’s dedication to excellence extends beyond its production process. The company is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers, from merchandising and product designing to product development, production, and logistics. Its products are exported to the EU, USA, and Australia, where they are highly regarded for their quality and sustainability.

Contact: + 88 02 9892245, 8812611, 8832376


Office Location: Apt #5, House # 3, Road # 23/B, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212.

Factory Location: Colomesshor, Board Bazar, Gazipur.

#3. DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd.

DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. is not just any ordinary textile manufacturer but a sustainable knitwear manufacturer that is committed to providing eco-friendly and ethical fashion in the fashion industry. DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. takes pride in its sustainable practices and ethical values that help to reduce the environmental impact of textile production and protect the welfare of its workers.

One of the ways in which DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. demonstrates its sustainable practices is through its use of cutting-edge technology in its knitting machines. The use of advanced machinery helps to reduce energy and material wastage during the production process. 

The knitting section at DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. has a daily production capacity of over 40,000 Kg and is comprised of advanced machines from world-renowned brands like Mayer & Cie and Matsuya.

Moreover, DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. uses eco-friendly materials, particularly in its fancy fabric ranges. These materials include organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel. These materials are sourced from sustainable suppliers that adhere to ethical and environmental standards. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of textile production and ensures that the products meet environmental and social standards.

In addition, the company also uses waterless production techniques, such as dry dyeing, to reduce water wastage during the production process. DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. also has a state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant that helps treat and recycle the water used in production. DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. takes its water management policies seriously, acknowledging the importance of scarce water resources as well as the need for responsible use and treatment of wastewater.

Furthermore, the company adheres to ethical values by providing fair wages, safe working conditions, and support to its workers. DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd. is accredited by internationally recognized organizations – such as the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and Social Accountability International (SAI) – for its commitment to fair trade practices. The company aims to be a socially responsible employer and maintain high ethical standards in production.

Contact: +88 02 9201184-5, +88 02 9201401-4


Office Location: 33 & 37 Milk Vita Road, Section 7, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Factory Location: Shathiabari, Dhaladia, Rajendrapur, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh

#4. Fakir Knitwears Limited:

Fakir Knitwears Limited is a well-known and reputable sustainable knitwear manufacturer located in Bangladesh. This comprehensive manufacturing and exporting company has made a remarkable name for itself in the garment industry. They have ultra-modern plants that are equipped with independent knitting, dyeing, sewing, finishing, and packaging facilities. Additionally, the company has a greatly supportive backward linkage system.

The products of Fakir Knitwears are highly in demand all over the world, and they have established a strong presence in America, Europe, and East Asia. The company has a rigorous quality management system that adheres strictly to ISO 9001 requirements, ensuring consistency in quality. Fakir Knitwears strongly believes in the concept of fair trade liabilities in business and practices it in a manner that is respectful to its clients.

Moreover, the sustainable knitwear manufacturer is dedicated to producing high-quality, environmentally friendly garments. The company uses natural and organic fibers in their products which are biodegradable materials and can be recycled. They follow ethical and sustainable fashion practices, and the products are free from hazardous materials. These products also comply with relevant environmental regulations and standards.

Fakir Knitwears has also implemented numerous measures to reduce water and energy waste in production. They have installed high-efficiency machines that use less water and energy, minimizing their carbon footprint. The manufacturer also focuses on waste management, recycling, and reusing where possible. These efforts are a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable production.

Contact: +8809678 005 005, 88-02-7641379-80, 7643242, 7643271


Office Location: 90/1, Motijheel C/A, City Center, Level-28(B), Floor-29, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Factory Location: Kayempur, Fatullah, Narayanganj-1420

#5. Interstoff Apparels:

Interstoff Apparels is a leading sustainable knitwear manufacturer that has been providing exceptional quality products and services since its inception in 2000. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, Interstoff Clothing Limited, the company now boasts a 10,000-strong workforce and has established itself as a trusted international name in knit manufacturing. 

What sets Interstoff Apparel apart is its deep commitment to sustainability. The company recognizes that it is responsible for creating a better tomorrow for society, which translates into every aspect of its operations. From procuring raw materials to manufacturing processes, Interstoff Apparels takes a holistic approach to sustainability that is rooted in ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Interstoff Apparels has successfully embraced sustainability by leveraging advanced materials and production techniques. The company prioritizes using recycled and eco-friendly materials throughout its manufacturing processes, effectively reducing its carbon footprint and advocating for environmental conservation. 

Furthermore, Interstoff Apparels implements cutting-edge technologies that significantly minimize water and energy consumption, further solidifying its commitment to reducing environmental impact.

But sustainability isn’t the only thing that Interstoff Apparel excels at. The company is also known for its progressive R&D, which is focused on developing new and improved products that meet customers’ changing needs. Interstoff Apparels works tirelessly to stay ahead of the latest trends and technologies in the apparel industry, ensuring that it always delivers on its promise of quality.

Of course, this is only possible with a dedicated and skilled workforce, and Interstoff Apparels is committed to providing a good work environment for its employees. Compliance with national and international rules is a top priority, ensuring that Interstoff Apparel operates ethically and socially responsible at all times.

Contact: (+88 06822) 521 19-26

Email: N/A

Office Location: N/A

Factory Location: Chandra, Kaliakoir, Gazipur, Bangladesh

For more detail, check out the below video on world’s top green clothing factories in Bangladesh.


Hopefully, you have comprehensive knowledge regarding Bangladesh’s top five sustainable clothing manufacturers. These garment factories have been honored for their adherence to environmental standards by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and the SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF).

Their commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices is a testament to their dedication to creating a better tomorrow. These manufacturers are the perfect choice for those looking for quality, sustainable knitwear.

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