Find Here The Top 6 High Quality Sweatshirts Manufacturers In Bangladesh

In the world of fashion and apparel, Bangladesh is a rising star, home to some of the best garment manufacturers globally. As the winter season approaches, there’s no better time to delve into the realm of high-quality sweatshirts, an essential wardrobe staple for cold weather. In this blog post, I will spotlight Bangladesh’s top 6 high quality sweatshirts manufacturers. 

These are the industry titans, delivering unparalleled quality, sustainable practices, and fashionable designs, setting the bar high for their international competitors. So, let’s embark on this journey to discover the best the Bangladeshi sweatshirt industry has to offer.

High Quality Sweatshirts Manufacturers

The Top 6 High Quality Sweatshirts Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has become a hub for quality apparel production over the years, with a plethora of clothing manufacturers available. Sweatshirts, being a popular garment item, are no exception as there are numerous high-quality sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh. Here are the details of the top 6 high-quality sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh.

#1. Stuff Limited:

Stuff Limited is a prominent company providing complete sourcing solutions for men, women, and kids’ clothing in Bangladesh. Their manufacturers specialize in knitting, woven, sweaters, and denim garments in various fabrics and styles with branding labels, tags, or other packaging materials per customer choice and design. 

They produce sweatshirts for all ages and gender people, ensuring that their products meet international standards.

#2. SiATEX:

SiATEX Bangladesh is one of the leading custom hoodies sweatshirts manufacturers in Bangladesh. They specialize in the production of private label, OEM, and promotional clothing. 

SiATEX guarantees that its production facilities are BSCI, SEDEX, and OEKO-TEX 100 certified, demonstrating their excellence in quality, safety, environmental, and social standards. They have been supplying custom t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts to customers worldwide for over 30 years.

#3. Wenext Apparels:

Wenext Apparels is an experienced custom clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. They create sweatshirts of various designs to meet the specific needs and demands of their clients. They ensure that they use the finest materials to guarantee the longevity and durability of their products.

#4. MinMaxst Textile:

MinMaxst Textile is a top clothing manufacturer and wholesale company in Bangladesh with over ten years of experience in manufacturing and exporting both woven and knitted garments for men, women, children, and infants worldwide. 

They specialize in producing sweaters and sweatshirt hoodies for individuals of all ages and gender, ensuring that their products have the unbeatable quality to satisfy their customers.

#5. Jusitex Limited:

Jusitex Limited is a clothing manufacturer with a range of woven shirts, knitwear, and headwear products. They specialize in OEM/ODM production and mainly manufacture men’s, women’s, children’s, and infant wear. 

Jusitex Limited offers a wide variety of custom designs, such as T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Sweatshirts, Shorts, Tank Tops, Leggings, and more. Their products are of the highest quality and are produced in a timely manner to meet the requirements of their clients.

#6. Shristy Fashion:

Shristy Fashion is a knit garments manufacturer that has been producing quality garments since 2006. They focus mainly on producing high-quality and fashionable apparel products for all ages. 

Shristy Fashion provides its customers with superior satisfaction by providing them with skilled manpower in all departments and ensuring that their products meet international standards. They also specialize in manufacturing men’s sweatshirts that are of outstanding quality.

More Questions on High Quality Sweatshirt Manufacturers

What is the best quality sweatshirt material?

When it comes to choosing the best quality sweatshirt material, there are a few options to consider. 100% cotton, fleece, and French Terry are popular choices among clothing brands, but each material has its own unique benefits.

100% cotton is a natural fiber that is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. It is also easy to care for and can be washed and dried easily. However, cotton can shrink in the wash and is less durable than other materials.

Fleece is a synthetic material that is made from polyester. It is popular for its softness and warmth and is often used in cold-weather clothing. Fleece is also lightweight and dries quickly. However, it can pill easily and is not as breathable as cotton.

French Terry is a knit fabric that is similar to fleece but has a smoother texture and a looped backside. It is also made from cotton and is highly absorbent and breathable. French Terry is often used in activewear and is a great choice for sweatshirts that need to be both comfortable and functional.

Some popular brands that use these materials in their sweatshirts include Champion, Nike, and Adidas. Champion’s sweatshirts are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, offering a soft and comfortable feel with added durability. 

Nike’s fleece sweatshirts are popular for their cozy warmth, while their French Terry options provide moisture-wicking properties for active wear. Adidas offers a range of sweatshirts made from different materials, including cotton, French Terry, and fleece, allowing customers to choose the best fit for their needs.

How do you know if a sweatshirt is good quality?

When determining the quality of a sweatshirt, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost is the material from which it is made. As mentioned in the background context, natural fibers are often a good indication of high quality clothing. Look for sweatshirts made from materials like cotton, wool, cashmere, or silk.

In addition to the materials used, pay attention to how the sweatshirt is constructed. Are there any loose threads or seams that appear to be fraying? These could be signs of poor craftsmanship or low-quality materials. Look for sweatshirts with reinforced seams and well-finished edges.

Another factor to consider is the weight and thickness of the sweatshirt. A high-quality sweatshirt will typically be heavier and thicker than a lower-quality one, as it will be made from more durable materials that can stand up to frequent wear and washing.

Finally, consider the overall design and styling of the sweatshirt. Is it well-designed and flattering to the body? Does it have unique features or details that set it apart from other sweatshirts on the market? These details can indicate a higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, which are important clothing quality markers.

How much does it cost to make a sweatshirt in Bangladesh?

The cost of making a sweatshirt in Bangladesh can vary depending on various factors such as the type of materials used, quality, labor costs, and the level of expertise and technology utilized. According to industry experts, the average production cost for a sweatshirt in Bangladesh ranges from $2.50 to $4.00 per piece.

One of the main reasons Bangladesh is a popular destination for sweatshirt production is the relatively low labor cost in the country. The minimum wage for a garment worker in Bangladesh is around $70 per month, which is significantly lower than in other countries such as China, Vietnam, and India. This, combined with the abundant availability of skilled labor, has made Bangladesh one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sweatshirts and other garment products.

However, it is worth noting that despite the low labor costs, sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh are still required to adhere to strict labor laws and regulations, particularly regarding the welfare of their workers. This includes providing safe working conditions, fair wages, and reasonable working hours.

In addition to labor costs, the cost of materials such as fabric, thread, and dyes can also affect the overall cost of producing a sweatshirt in Bangladesh. The type and quality of these materials can impact the sweatshirt’s durability, comfort, and aesthetics. Therefore, manufacturers need to balance the cost of materials with the quality of the final product.

Checkout the below video to learn about how to make hoodie or sweatshirt from design to manufacturing process.

How to source sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh?

Sourcing sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh can seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach and knowledge, it can be done effectively and successfully. Bangladesh is a country known for its garment manufacturing industry, with many companies specializing in producing high-quality sweatshirts for global markets. One can take The following steps when sourcing sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Research online directories and databases: 

Various online directories and databases can provide a list of sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh. Websites such as Alibaba, Tradeindia, and Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) can provide valuable information on manufacturers’ profiles, product details, and contact information.

Attend trade shows and exhibitions: 

Trade shows and exhibitions are great opportunities to meet manufacturers face-to-face, learn about their products, and discuss potential partnerships. Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show, Bangladesh Denim Expo, and Bangladesh Apparel and Textile Exposition are just some of the trade shows that feature garment manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Contact a sourcing agent: 

A sourcing agent is a third-party company that helps businesses source manufacturers, negotiate prices, and oversee the production process. Several reputable sourcing agents in Bangladesh can help businesses connect with reliable sweatshirt manufacturers, such as Texpro Bangladesh Limited and Dhaka Apparel Sourcing Ltd.

Check for compliance and certification: 

Bangladesh’s garment industry has undergone significant changes since the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013. The Bangladesh Accord and the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety are two organizations that have since been established to improve worker safety and labor conditions. Check if the sweatshirt manufacturers you’re considering comply with these standards and hold certifications like ISO-9001 for quality management systems.

Request product samples and quotations: 

Before making any commitments, request product samples and quotations from shortlisted manufacturers. This allows you to assess the quality of their products and compare prices and production capabilities.


With various companies to choose from, customers looking for high quality sweatshirt manufacturers in Bangladesh can easily find the perfect fit. Each of these companies provides great products and services that guarantee customer satisfaction. Customers can rest assured knowing that their orders will be completed with the highest standards while maintaining affordability and efficiency. 

By choosing one of the top clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh, customers can be sure that their sweatshirts will be of the highest quality and last for many years. With a wide range of options, including T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, joggers, shorts, tank tops, leggings, and more, customers can find something that perfectly suits their needs.

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